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Hello and welcome to my brand new website!

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My name is Diane Ménage and I am a midwife doing a PhD in the Children and Families Research unit at Coventry University, UK.

The title of my research project is Compassionate Midwifery: Understanding Women's Lived-Experience of Compassion.

The study is registered with the Health Research Authority (HRA), and is summarised in this poster.

This website will grow over the next few months as I add details of the study and more publications related to compassionate maternity care and develop the site. It will be much more than this though, it will be a place to bring together work from the UK and around the world which promotes compassionate care for all women during pregnancy, birth and beyond.

So I really need your help. If you have an interest in this topic I would love to hear from you. Please email me

If you would like to suggest contributions for this website (ideas, links, research, publications or any other relevant information) please contact me

If you are on Twitter you can follow me @Dianethemidwife so let's get connected and don't forget to use the hashtag #CompassionateMW.

You can also follow my blog

ICM Congress

I am delighted to be attending the International Confederation of Midwives 31st Triennial Congress in Toronto 18th-22nd June 2017 where I will be presenting a paper: 'The Concept of Compassionate Midwifery' during the Tuesday afternoon Symposium: 'Giving Voices to Respectful Care'. If you are going to the ICM Congress and would like to connect please email, tweet or use the conference app to say hi! My aim is to network with midwives from all around the world who are interested in advancing research into compassionate midwifery and promoting its practice.


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Recommended Reading

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Poster Presentation at the European Midwives Association Conference in London December 2016